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Not at all certain where the story begins, perhaps it was a Starcraft Upstart 18 we purchased right after we were married, or it could have been my friends Clipper Marine 26. Whatever the cause, I have (not we) loved sailing for a long time. Although Susan agreed to the purchase of the Upstart I cannot recall her ever getting in that boat with me. You see my lovely wife was deathly afraid of the water when we first married.

Fast forward about 25 years, throw in a great crewed charter with family and friends in the Grenadines, and Sue thought it a good idea that we learn to scuba since we did not have a shared family hobby. This coming from a girl who would not get in a daysailer with me, well needless to say I was completely and pleasantly surprised.

Several crewed charters later, lots of great diving and being a partner in a crewed charter boat in the BVI (Lazy Bones) has led Sue and Guy to their next adventure. On April 6, 2005 we (or






















should I say she) purchased a lovely 1997 Hylas 49 and if all works well, we will be living on board for about six months a year starting in November.

For those who know Susan, well you would never imagine her being impulsive, particularly about a purchase of this size and commitment, but impulsive she was. After nearly a year of being involved in the charter business we decided we wanted to take the next step, that of getting a smaller boat that we could live on for some period each year. Per the discussions/directions of many who have gone before us, we chartered a bareboat of similar size for a couple of weeks to see how it felt. Small hitch in the plan however, by the time the charter came about we had already made the purchase leap which is where the impulsiveness comes into play.

In February of this year we went to the Miami boat show to get an idea of what was available. While there we had scheduled a day with Jeff Erdman of Bollman Yachts to look at some different size boats. Well that day turned into three and on the second morning while arranging the order of boats to see that day it was mentioned that there was this nice boat about two hours away but seeing it would limit the number of boats we could see. I looked at Sue and she stated emphatically she wanted to see the boat in North Palm, so off we went.

Now I am not sure what we are going to see but it was a long drive so I hoped it was worth the effort. As we approached the boat at Old Port Coves South Marina I liked the look of the hull, met the owner and climbed aboard. Behind me Jeff was helping Sue get on board and I heard her say "this is the one". Well you could have knocked me over with a feather at that point. Sue had emphatically told Jeff that this was the boat we were buying, and she had not even gone below yet. Well needless to say Sue was right, this was the boat, and it is every bit the right boat just as Sue's intuition had indicated.

This site is about our journey changing from the corporate race to "island time mon". I hope you enjoy the ride.

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