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February 2006

John and Pam Ott joined us on the Rose early this month. John had hired me when he worked at Evergreen Alliance and we have become good friends in the ten years since. John works for IRI Golf in Tucson and Pam is working at the University there.

This was a really good time since John and Pam were quite enthusiastic and we went to many places we had not been before such as Cane Garden and the full moon party in Trellis Bay. This trip was the Ott’s first adventure on a sail boat and they were looking forward to the experience.

We also visited all of our normal haunts such as the Bight, Gorda Sound and went looking at the south side of Peter although it was too rolly to anchor there long. While sailing up to Trellis we found our radar dome had come lose and was sitting precariously on the starboard lower spreader. Fortunately we were on a starboard tack and the thing held until I could get up the mast and lash it down.

After a week of excessive sailing, sun, eating and fun we dropped John and Pam off at Trellis. Pam has some pictures on the web from the trip if you are interested.

After John and Pam left we took the boat to Village Cay to have a gouge repaired on the transom. In January while backing into a slip there and trying to avoid a dinghy left loose in the adjoining slip I backed into the dock. Even though moving very slowly it still put quite a deep scratch into the fiberglass. We also had to provision since we were preparing to leave for St. Martin on the evening of the18th. During this time we had a rigger remount the dome but were unable to access the radar when we left for Virgin Gorda and will need a repairman when we get to St. Martin

Prior to leaving Village Cay we hooked up with friends Hank and Jare Whitmore and had a wonderful Valentines dinner at the Dove in Road Town. If you ever visit Road Town we believe the Dove is the best food/restaurant on the island. Hank and Jare sailed with us to St. Martin.

We left the evening of the 18 th from Gorda Sound around 2100 and arrived in Simpson Bay around 1000 on the 19 th. The wind had been close to the nose with not much speed so we motor sailed and had a smooth trip over. Checking in was a breeze and we pulled into the Lagoon at the 1130 bridge opening, found us a nice spot and dropped the hook. I am presently thinking this is the easiest check in we have had so far.

We had some help from Electec on finding the failure in the radar, which was a lose wire in the bilge rather than anything to do with the dome coming off the mast. While doing this repair we found a broken pin on the SSB board and had them make a new connection with an extension on the wire to the main radio.

Our genset has been using oil on a regular basis at first we thought it was through the dipstick but now know it is burning a little less than an ounce an hour. We have Electec scheduled to come the first of March to run diagnostics on the engine to see what the problem is. After that our plan is head down to St. Barth, Antigua, Montserrat, Guadeloupe, Dominica and finally St. Lucia. Our tentative plan at this point is spend some time on each island and then head to Fajardo in Puerto Rico and leave the boat there during the summer.

St. Martin has/is been wonderful. If you need anything at all, it is here. The people are great, the quality is everything you would want; the stores are spectacular however there are a couple of things that are making us prepare to move on. People talk about how rolly Simpson Bay can be but I have found the Lagoon to be worse with all sorts of watercraft flying through an anchorage as if it were a ski slope. There are too many lights around the place so it never gets dark and then finally but not least, when I was poor youngster first living in CO I had to rent a place under the approach to Stapleton Airport, boy have I forgotten over the years just how loud a jumbo jet is when they are at full power and less than 1,000 feet over your head. Oh, and I forgot the barking dogs on the neighboring boats. Anyway a great place, but again time to move on.


























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