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October 26, 2005

The boat is finally in the water and we have made all the preparations needed to head to the BVI, although we will now go to Hampton VA to meet up with the Caribbean 1500 rally. The thruster works great as we got fuel after we splashed the boat Monday and docked like we knew what we were doing. You this sailing thing is really easy, it is those hard docks that scare the bejeezus out of me.

The dinghy has been deflated and lashed to the fore deck which makes the boat look really like a cruiser. The new graphic looks terrific and we have had to come up with a new story for the name. Now rather than being named for a tattoo on my chest we are telling everyone it is a Orson Welles connection thing, about a young man seeking his fame and fortune in the far east, a movie Welles directed in the 40's starring Tyron Powers called "the Black Rose", and we will follow up naming the dinghy "rosebud". What a strange tale we weave.....

Sue appears quite ready although I am unsure as to how she will handle the high seas. The trip down the Chesapeake with just the two of us should tell a lot. I feel great and am ready, the boat is definitely ready and I do believe Sue will follow me anywhere. I hope that is a good thing.

October 26th pm.
We left Annapolis at 0745 and sailed into the Chesapeake. On the way we had some good winds, up to 30 knots, enough that we had to reef the main sail. Early in the afternoon we decided we could not make the trip in two days so we pulled into Solomon Island to get a slip for the night. We had a great dinner at the restaurant there and recommend it to all passing that way.

October 27th
The morning started strange. We pulled off the dock about 0745 and were almost broadsided by another boat. The came from another fork of the creek and the lady at the helm never even looked at us. I had to give a large thrust of reverse to prevent a collision. A man was on the deck messing with the sails and turned to look back then ran back to the cockpit waving his arms in the air. I think he may have been having a conversation about the boat they just missed. No winds so we motored and finally gave up for the day just before the Rappahanock River and anchored in a very quite place called Dividing Creek. It really was beautiful. We found out while anchoring that the transmission sticks in forward if you do not put it in reverse before neutral, that was when we ran aground. No problem. This evening we did not run the generator all night and it was quite cold when woke the next morning, 57 degrees in our cabin.

October 28th
We had a nice sail and arrived in Bluewater Marina in Hampton around 1430, fueled up and pulled into our slip.

October 29th through November 6th
The pre-Rally meetings were great, many people were feverishly prepping their boats and we had a few items to prepare but were quite a bit ahead due to our passage at the end of June. Even though that trip was a pain we learned a lot about preparing a boat for an offshore passage. Doug and Shirley Dechant hosted a dinner for the Hylas owners participating and were very helpful in carting Sue and I around to various stores and shopping. Glenn Glesmann arrived on the 5th and moved onto the boat. Doug Dechant owns a Hylas 46 and had agreed to join us on the passage and we found Glenn through the Rally Association. Glenn is a retired ER doctor and now works as a charter boat Captain on Appledore III in Rockport, Massachusetts.

With crew on board we were ready to go.





















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