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As I mentioned everything that we read about living aboard suggests that you charter a bareboat for awhile before you buy one to live on. So a bit late in the 2004 season we tried to book a nice boat in the BVI through old charter broker acquaintance Ed Hamilton. Did I mention late in the season? Due to the efforts of the fine people at Ed's we finally got a nice boat, actually about the last available of that size for those two weeks in March. We also got to pay the nice price you get when you get the last boat for one of the top periods in the year.

This was going to be one of those really nice trips with son Chris and his friend Lindsay joining us for the second week. But one of the scary things about announcing your plans, events seem to have a way of changing those plans.

In January while dancing at a friends daughters wedding reception Sue stepped back off the one inch














high dance floor and fell backwards. Not to worry, just a hard seat on the floor......Not! Sue has a torn ACL. Now let's see our BIG plans included going to the Miami Boat Show in February and then to the BVI in March for a couple of weeks of fine sailing. It appeared that things/plans were about to become quite complicated or perhaps even changed, however due to Sue's gutsy efforts we went ahead to the Boat show but just walked slowly.

If you are wondering about the site content, it is in a constant state of change which is why it may always look is!

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